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The Legend Of The Rainbow Puffles

Yes, we all know they're coming this month. It's no big deal now - the secret is out. We're going to build a puffle hotel and go in the clouds and get our own Rainbow Puffle. But how will they live in a normal igloo? Can they adjust to the habitat of Club Penguin? The most important question is why aren't they here already, and why have they only appeared now? Are they shy, or what? The Rainbow Puffle was an amazing rumour which spread quickly, but nobody thought it was real, and I don't blame them. Look here! You can see the top of the Puffle Hotel, and note that there will be a pool and all puffles will be invited - but the puffle party has now becoming nothing, compared to the rainbow puffle. Look at that penguin - he has shot out of some magical cannon and is now flying into the clouds...
...So we know what's going to happen, and construction on the hotel is going to start very soon. But the rainbow puffles don't look like how we would expect them to. They've got alot of red, which turns to orange, then green and a blueish purple colour at the end. I think they need a bit of pink maybe, and some brown? But then again, you can't fit all the colours onto one puffle. And then there's next year: after the big rainbow puffles, what happens next? You've had the puffle spa, you've been transformed, you've had a hotel, you've done all of that and you've had all the puffles bar one: Grey, or gray as spelt in America. Either way, we only have one grey penguin: Sensei. Could he find the grey puffle? Or will there even be a grey puffle? And after that - there's not much more: except the ability to shade your puffle in different colours of, for example, blue - light blue, dark blue, aqua or what? It wouldn't work on a rainbow puffles, but it would on pink - lighter or darker? Could we add patterns to our puffles? Most certainly: this year, we'll be allowed 22 puffles each! (Only for members though, obviously!)

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  1. I think we'll be stressed to handle much more puffles than 22, this may be the last puffle species we will find.

    ~Perapin :)


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