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Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test

Sure, it's not the best: but what do you expect? Club Penguin is only beta testing for a reason: to stop those penguins complaining about all the bugs when it really is released! Now they can complain, but not for a good reason! So, let's get started by heading over to - but even before that, if you haven't already (like me), you'll have to update Adobe Flashplayer or install it altogether!
 Once you've typed in your password and username, you'll enter the Snow Dojo - a rough sketch of it, atleast. Your penguin will have no clothes, nobody will be in the room and you can only go to where the green arrow is pointing...
...From there, unless you've got a bug, you'll be able to choose your element - either water, fire or snow! I don't really get this: because I thought it would be a snow thing not all the elements together, but oh well...
 If you click on either of the ninjas, it'll tell you how many power cards you have, the move, range, damage, what your power cards will do and the combo. You can also switch tip mode on or off.
 Click on the arrow to choose a different ninja. This is a fire ninja.
...This is a snow ninja! I don't at all get this, because one: we haven't even become snow ninjas, and two: this is a game for all the ninjas - and they're not even wearing their snow, fire or water uniforms!
Once you've picked your ninja, you'll be faced with this screen while it trys to connect you with two other penguins!
From there, you'll enter the game and have to move on to different tiles (like chess but with ninjas and snowmen) and try and defeat the snowmen. The rest is up to you...

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