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My Igloos - Holiday Home and Dragon Cave

I've been making a lot of igloos recently, in case you didn't know, and I'd like to share just two of them with you now! I won't go into too much detail, but here is my holiday home - a place where I can relax with my favourite items and things surrounding me! The one thing I'd like, though, is the backgarden - with grass, not snow. That was my favourite igloo and I could put out the chairs, and the plants as well as the tennis court and it would all look fabulous!
 ...Next, I made a dragon cave. I added a few plants, and the dragons that I've collected over the years. Pretty simple, but I like it!
I also swapped around all my puffles' hats! Now they've all got different ones that don't really match but I like to be original :) Plus, I've changed my outfit for now - unless there are some super cool styles in the Penguin Style which I doubt there will be.

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