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EPF Construction

Aunt Arctic has finally decided to clean up the EPF once again. Last time our base was destroyed a lot, was when the PSA was around, so why don't we just change to another secret agency? I have no idea, but here's the construction going on at the Ski Village! Don't forget to pick up your hat, and get the stamp for construction worker. I don't see the point in having the hat here, because it's always been at the Cave Mine if anybody bothered to look...
 ...Inside the Everyday Phoning Facility, you'll find the broken fan. Move away the broken stuff, and look what you find! A water machine, and a giant phone! What could this mean? A new upgraded look for the Everyday Phoning Facility! More phones? What?!?!
 ...Last, but not least, inside the EPF Command Room, the Field-Ops have been covered up and will no longer ever be in existence, just like the PSA missions. Now that's alot of stamps that won't ever be available again. 22 Missions and about 5 EPF Field-Ops stamps!
...Hopefully, the EPF should be back up and running soon. But I don't get it: Why have construction for the EPF, yet they didn't have construction to build the Hollywood Party, and the limo, and all that! I think Club Penguin is playing with us, and making us wait while they create the EPF missions and things like that.


  1. How do you get the sliding-thingy at the top of your blog :S ?

  2. Echo, you'll be able to still earn field ops medal stamps just differently!


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