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Echo006's Prehistoric Ship Igloo

Woah! Have you seen Perapin's awesome igloo and his awesome blog? Click here! Anyway, I was looking at Perapin's ship and I wondered if I could make something like it. It's the best creation I've ever seen :) Take a look at it below...
...I love this igloo! So much, I decided to create my own version, only copying the ship part of the igloo. I have created a ship, for two people on a holiday by a strange mysterious island! The island has animals, but it could have dinosaurs too :)
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The water flow is strong here and I've added an extended part for the captain only :) Thanks so much Perapin for sharing your awesome igloo with us! You have a really good skill for decorating!


  1. I actually just made an improved version! And I like your igloo, I'm honored to be an inspiration! :) You're lucky to have the water item from the August section in the catalog (I wasn't a member during November or the first few days of December)! :)

    Sadly it sank, but I took a picture before it sank again. It will be on soon. :)

    ~Perapin :)

  2. I went to Perapin's igloo this morning and it's a Titanic now...


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