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Halloween Sneak Peeks ~ SPOILER ALERT!

Wow! There have been tons of sneak peeks of the upcoming Halloween party. Seems like this party is going to be the biggest, the baddest and the best party yet! It has a super cool mansion ~ no third party advertising (hopefully!) and a super big mystery! We'll be turned into ghosts, go back to the past, the sky will change once again (100% chance according to the newspaper) Seems like everything is kicking off this October. Polo Field has posted quite a few sneak peeks ~ him outside the Haunted Mansion and inside some weird place. You will of seen those if you have been looking at Wiki and Twitter ;)

Here's a photo before we begin, sorry that the image is blurry. It was either a blurry picture or a tiny picture that you could barely see. I've brightened the image so you get a good idea of what items are in the room. Seems like this is the fortune teller room ~ also known as the Attic which usually doesn't get decorated for rooms at all...
 Welcome, foolish mortals … or should that be, foolish penguins?
The folks over at Disney’s Club Penguin are planning a Halloween Party that will begin at the social-media site on Oct. 18. But you can get a sneak peek of all the frightening festivities by entering a special code found over on the Disney Parks Blog.
If you hop into your Doom Buggy and head over to the Club Penguin site for an advance look at some of the holiday fun, you’ll find a special haunted mansion that has been inspired by the iconic dark ride found at Disney parks. Disney says it’s the first time that its theme-park content has been incorporated into Club Penguin.
At the party, Club Penguin denizens can explore the nine-room mansion and find a frightful fill of familiar sights seen inside the Haunted Mansion here and at other Disney parks.
Also as part of the festivities, Club Penguin participants can check out the mansion’s ballroom, complete with feasting table and floating instruments. There they can interact with a fortune teller (see photo above) who also can be seen on the Haunted Mansion ride. Plus they can see another familiar sight of fright: a horseless hearse.
In addition, Club Penguin participants can dress up their penguins in maid and butler costumes familiar to anyone who dares enter the haunted houses in Disneyland, here or in other parks.
According to Disney, more than 6 million people took part in last year’s Club Penguin Halloween Party, making it one of the biggest online events for kids.
The party will run from Oct. 18 to Nov. 1, during which time a lot more surprises will be revealed.
Seems like there's even more surprise to come! Now we can confirm that the anniversary hat this year, as in the picture of the Yearbook Game Cards only available in the UK ~ Blue and Gold. I always like the hat to be a surprise ~ I've never had any clue of what the hat would be like before, but blue and gold are way better than last year's hat ~ it was dark and horrible and pointy. Yuck! I prefer the 3rd Anniversary. Anyway, all that will happen on the 24th while the Halloween Party goes on. Gary will be around on the island and Aunt Arctic should be reporting on the news at the Coffee Shop like she always does.
If you’re a Haunted Mansion fan, you’ll want to drop in on this year’s Club Penguin Halloween Party with a special code just for Disney Parks Blog readers.
The 2012 Club Penguin Halloween Party
Our friends at Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek inside their online haunted mansion before the party begins on October 18 and no “foolish mortal” can miss the nods to the real thing. You’ll instantly recognize a familiar pipe organ in the ballroom and a few other items.
  • Fortune Teller: The fortune teller station in the Attic of’s haunted mansion was inspired by the Disneyland Haunted Mansion ride.
  • Horseless Hearse: In the Club Penguin Forest, there’s a Horseless Hearse similar to the one at Disneyland park.
  • Maid and Butler Costumes: The Club Penguin team tried to replicate cast members with some of their Halloween Party costumes, giving the maid and butler costumes dark eye shadows.
Club Penguin Halloween Party - Maid CostumeClub Penguin Halloween Party - Butler CostumeClub Penguin Halloween Party - Ghost Sheet Costume, Free for Disney Parks Blog Readers

Of course there’s more, but you’ll need to discover those items for yourself on October 18. To hold you over, we’re offering a free Ghost Sheet Costume for Disney Parks Blog readers. Visit and enter code CHILLING beginning today.


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