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Penguin Style October 2012 ~ Halloween Styles

Oooh! It's very scary at the Gift Shop. I've just seen a nice penguin turn into a scary werewolf! There's a guy who has got a grave digger! I hope penguins are being careful ;) Halloween has crept upon myself this year as I can remember when, last year, I was posting about the Halloween Party. A whole year has sneaked up on me! Wow, that's like 1000 posts in one year ~ yikes! Anyway, seems like I'm the odd one out. I better get some styles on, would you care to join me?
 First stop ~ the backgrounds for your player card! Ooh, I'll take those new ones but not the old ones. I've already got them and it won't let me buy them twice.
 ...Mmm that costume is delicious! I'll take that and eat it at the movies ;) Not too sure about that bat...
 ...This is more my style! Less Halloween, except for that skull on his t-shirt. Nah, too scary...
 This reminds me of a doll. A scary one that kills at night. Oh and a pirate costume? Now that's just what Rockhopper would love to see in a catalog.
 Didn't that mummy come from the Quest for the Golden Puffle? Oh, that trick or treating thing ~ you get sweets? Wow, that would be cool. But I have a better Jack-O-Lantern...
 Seriously, you wouldn't be able to see where you were going with that costume! Hey, I saw that last year. Oh well, guess we'll have a load of headless penguins wondering arond now. Great ;)
 ...Oh my! That's one scary werewolf. Don't even think about digging up graves ~ I guess that's where the ghosts come from. Just make sure you don't bury anyone alive!
That's alot of items for one catalog. Seems like my photographs look pretty good, hey? Anyway, make sure not too eat too many sweets! They give you bad teeth ;)

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