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Furniture Catalog October 2012 ~ Halloween

Of course, if you're going to enter the scary igloo contest, you're going to need some upgrades. Let's check out what new items you can decorate your igloo with! Look at the spooky cover, that doll creeps me out.
 ...Wow! Check out these creepy new arrivals. There's going to be werefwolfs about with that full moon, and if you sit on that seat ~ you never know, it might just get up and walk around. Be careful with these items! Light a cande le with the gothic candle holder and read a story with the cursed volume. You'll need a shady lamp though, and a batty chaise lounge to lie down on.
 Had any deaths recently? No problem! Get this tombstone to bury your loved ones in ;) Add a black widow window to brighten up your room and a nightmare vortex to swallow you hole.
 ...Seen these items before? Yup! The perched puffle statue changes faces! Look into the future with the crystal ball and lock up your property with the iron gates.
 Need a cut-out to live in? Get the haunted mansion and all some spooky Jack-O-Lanterns to brighten up your village. Why not use some old igloos, like the Trick-Or-Treat igloo to add effect.

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