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Authour Applications

BIG NEWS! My other blog is now called Echo006 CP and will be taking Authour Applications! Just comment below telling me your name and answer these questions:

E-Mail (required to send application form)
Why you want to be an Authour
How will you improve the blog

Remember - this blog has just begun on January 1st 2012 so is not very popular yet. I'm sure with all my authours you will do a really good job! If your form is really good, then you will be able to become an authour of the other blog! There will be a maximum of 10 authours allowed, so be quick! Click here to comment with your form. (Comments will NOT be published)


  1. echo, what things should i post on your blog. tell me list

  2. Lol so,I'd be some amazing author,i have experience and i'd make the site amazing,i need something better to do that GCSE revision anyway LOL
    -Waddle :P


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