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Field-Op #67

If you are not an EPF Agent do not read this post! Your Spy Phone is on RED Alert! All EPF Agents to the Command Room!
Once at the Command Room click on the Field-Ops screen in the corner. Gary will give you an important message!
 Then you need to waddle to the front of the screen to find the Field-Op. Your Spy Phone should flash green, if this happens click on it.
 System Alert! Repair the system! Enter directions for the repair bot. Lead it to the corrupted systems. Be precise - you can only send five sets of commands.
 You should get something like this. It might take you a while before you can complete it. The middle button is to go forwards and the other two buttons are to turn your bot.
 Sadly, just as I finished the Field-Op I got a Connection BUG!
 I tried to login again but I got the same error message as before! STOP THESE BUGS!
I tried logging into a different server and I successfully logged in but my Field-Op progress had not saved. I started the Field-Op again. I completed the Field-Op bug free!
Good work Agent! You fixed the security feed for Herbert's hibernation cell. That's odd... the computer says the footage is missing. It seems that when the island tipped, the camera was shut off. Keep this a secret for now. I'll have more orders soon...

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