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The City ~ A Short Story

I love to waddle down the streets of Town. There are so many sights to see, lots of different smells and hundreds of penguins waddling about. Sometimes it can get a little bit crowded, the city is full of pollution! Spilt oil, trash and much more...
On the high street there were lots of tall high buildings. Cars were parked by the pavement ~ a dangerous thing! What if a puffle ran across the road?
 ...The Plaza was always a nice place. The smell of the pizza, the love of the puffles and the police station :) I prefer Club Penguin, when it is quiet and peaceful, not battling with other penguins in the city.
Soon the city will fold up, and return back to normal. The city is full of things to do, but which do you prefer? The quiet peaceful Club Penguin or the loud and noisy city?

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