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Finding Safety ~ My Stories and Adventures

This battle has gone on for too long! It seemed fun at first, but now it is just chaos. The destructobot is destroying everything! The Club Penguin that I used to know has been turned into a city. Everyone is fighting, so I needed a place to get away from all the noise. I teleported to the Iceberg, it is very quiet there. I must find safety, and quick :)
The iceberg wasn't a good place to stay, so I looked for other places. I tried the Stadium, but I could hear all the noise from outside by the Snow Forts. I waddled into town to find a hiding place...
...Finally, after hours of searching I came to a lovely treehouse. I called all my puffles and they followed me up. We started to decorate it, and once I got started I couldn't stop! I put many things out to comfort me, including lots of old items.
I decided that it was no good living in a Treehouse. I needed some company, so I found a small boat and headed to Dinosaur Island. This is where my friend Perapin was hiding. I knew he would be great company, and the dinosaurs too! I love Club Penguin, but the city is too big for me. This island is quiet and peaceful and away from all the fighting :)

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  1. Civilisation :D

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)


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