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March 2013 Furniture Catalog

I haven't posted much recently, apart from blog posts from Polo and Daffo - mainly because I've been quite busy, but that doesn't matter! Here's the new Furniture Catalog...
 HINT: There are no hidden items in the new section of the catalog! I think Club Penguin might be scrapping them altogether - I like it without them because it's easier to find the items! Here we've got three new items: a skating rink, a puffle carrier and an arcade game. I'd like it if you were able to change the colour of the arcade game, and what's on the screen - then I could make a huge arcade room.
 Next up, we've got some puffle things - all new! Unicycle tightrope, puffle stage, rainbow bridge, Puffle Shop shelf and a Puffle Shop till are the new items for the Puffle Party!
 Next up, we've got the lanterns and the couchs. The lanterns can be changed to any colour you want, however the couchs can't sadly. These are all OLD items!
 Plus, we see the return of some older furniture: April Fools themed! So, Club Penguin hasn't completely forgot about this party - however, I think it would be nice if they had a hidden item on this page for the Box Dimension! In addition to this, the RARE pinata and pink flamingo have returned! Lots of old items are returning now, so Club Penguin have kept their promise that they used to say on the back of the catalogs: all old items will return one day.
That's it for this month - sadly. there's no puffle igloo this time - but get the preparations ready for your rainbow puffle. I'd make the location in the mountains if I were you, because they like the clouds. That's all the advice I have - because we don't know what they're like at all, yet...

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