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The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ Another Penguin

A voice shouted at us from behind. It was, of course, a penguin atleast. But were they bad or good? She waddled over to us and told us her name. Since we were all boys, on the mission, it was strange to find a girl penguin wondering about in the wilderness.
"Are you lost?" asked Perapin, kindly.
"Um, well, I was looking for my bracelet," she started," when I fell down that tall mountain and now I'm here. I don't really know where I am, and I don't know what I'm going to do!"
"Ok then, what's your name?" I asked her.
She said she was called Cliky Minty, but we could call her Minty.
"Hi Minty!" said Polo Field, greeting her with a warm smile. "Have you seen any strange puffles about?"
"No, I haven't been here for long. But I love puffles! Oh dear, what about my puffles? They must be so scared without me - they need feeding! How will I ever get back?"
"Well," began Brownie, "Someone is spying on us. We have to figure out who it is, but we think we might of found that out now." There were some more noises - the same as before, but this time they were coming from some tall trees. We waddled over to the noises, only to find more trees and a lake. I instantly knew where we were - the part nobody has ever explored. The part outside where the ninjas live.

To get here, you had to waddle through the trees in the snow forts and behind the tower clock, and you'd eventually come to the volcano. It was truly amazing, the sight. But we were on a mission. Pizzapuffy carefully stepped through the trees and gestured us all to come forward. Pen Que went first and we all followed in a single file line, including Cliky Minty. Bubsey froze. He had stepped on a thorn! If he screamed out loud then the puffles would be gone. He managed to hold his breath and take out the thorn, quietly. Any sound of movements and they would notice us. These were rare species and they didn't want to be disturbed. Polo jumped down and gasped quietly. Minty followed. I thought it was quite ironic, the two names, Polo and Mint but I couldn't think about that now. The mission continued and we all passed through the trees. Worse still, the puffles were on the other side of the lake! If we made sounds in the water, they would surely notice us. The robot had followed us and on the screen, it showed exactly what we saw in front of us. Five rainbow puffles jumping around in a circle. With no owners and nobody to look after them, these were wild puffles and could be very dangerous. None of us noticed the quiet shy rainbow puffle stop and jump quietly through the trees. They all followed, and we moved quicker and faster then ever before. We couldn't loose them now, not after so much hard work...

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  1. LOL - bravo, definitely a line I would say: "Are you lost?". :)

    ~Perapin :)


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