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Penguins In Your Igloo - Trick!

Before I start, thanks to Perapin and Barta8 for telling me about this cool trick!
Here's a really cool glitch! If you have an old friend who you haven't seen for ages, or you're just looking to fool your friends by taking a picture of a mascot in your igloo, now you can! It's really simple, and the instructions are easy to follow :)

  1. Add the penguin you would like to put in your igloo! HINT: If you are trying to put a mascot in your igloo, you will need to meet them on the island, then add them before you can do this trick!
  2. Go to your igloo (You must have atleast 2 igloos, not just 1, so non-members can't do this) and click on your friends list.
  3. Next, pick any friend you would like to see in your igloo.
  4. Click the X on their playercard and the friends list (so you can see the screen better) and then click on the igloo button and change your igloo to another igloo you already own (Don't change the igloo on the igloo you're already using, go to a different one!)
  5. Once your other igloo has loaded, the mascot/whoever you have picked will be in your igloo. They can't move or speak, and they can't see you at all. It won't effect them - but it's nice to see their outfits ;)

I love this cool glitch as it's really fun and it will help me heaps to get penguins in my igloo for my latest story! This is awesome, and I love it - I hope Club Penguin don't fix it!

1 comment:

  1. I knew you would find this useful for your stories. :)

    ~Perapin :)


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