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Rainbow Puffles Spotted!

It's actually much easier to spot a brand new puffle now, then it was a few years back. The majority of them always come around the same time, at the puffle party! The white puffle would only appear at the Dojo Courtyard, and not for very long at all! The yellow puffle was hidden in a forest, and hardly ever came out. The orange puffle came out at the Ski Lodge and the Box Dimension, but only ever half an hour. The brown puffle was never seen - apart from in a cave. Look at this...
It's a rainbow puffle. Why we didn't spot it seven years ago, I have no idea. Maybe they came from a different island. Maybe they don't like the snow, and prefer clouds. But why do they come down now? Strange, really. They come every two minutes - in three different rooms! 
 Yes, they visit the Dock, Ski Village and the Forest. They're quit strange, and very different to how the rumours used to spread. For a start, their stripes go down, not across. That was the first big mistake we thought. We didn't think that it would live in the clouds, obviously.
But that doesn't matter. What matters is, that we get this puffle as soon as possible! It's just missing a few colours - brown, pink, white and black! But I guess those colours don't appear in the rainbow...

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