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The Club Penguin Pin

Hello there everyone! I heard that a polar bear had taken over my blog! But don't worry, I fixed that eventually. However, my blog isn't safe! The polar bear could be back at any moment, so keep your eyes peeled! I'm hidden up in my Tree Fort, playing games and blogging while listening to music on my iPod. Life couldn't get better than this! Anyway, it's time to give you the latest updates on the island! Sadly, I can't get out of my treehouse because I have a cold. So, Perapin has kindly provided me with some pictures! His site is awesome - you should really go and check it out ;) 
Here's the latest Club Penguin pin! My puffles have gone out to get it, and I heard they got more than just a pin when they were bouncing around. Here's the pin. It looks something to do with a school.

Awesome! Thanks Perapin for the photo! Can you find this pin?


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