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Rockhopper - Fact File

It seems ages since Echo006 posted a Fact File, so today I be planning one all about me. I be a Pirate Penguin born in Club Penguin. One day, I started to build me mighty migrator! I bet ye didnt' know that I built the thing with my own flippers!
I first came to Club Penguin back in March 2005 when I had finished building the Migrator. I remember back then. I was planning something special that year. It be a Fall Fair and would come to Club Penguin in September.
Every two or three months when I came to Club Penguin, I would open a stall in my ship and sell some o' the items I found on my adventures! One of the gifts, was a new coloured puffle. I even adopted one for meself! I named him Yarr as he always responded to me when I called out "Yarr!"
I had one terrible accident back in 2008. You'd never o' guessed what happened! Arr, I be sailin' along the seas to Club Penguin when an Iceberg struck me with shock! It looked something a bit like this:

It be very frightening! But ye citizens of Club Penguin came to help me and opened up a Save The Migrator project! Gary helped too and built a strange machine called the Aqua Grabber. Echo006 helped with the project over at the Beach and picked up a map...
It was a great success and me old' migrator be back in shape! I decided that something special should happen, so I opened up the me Quaters! The room where I sleep. Heres all o' the rooms of my ship:
I've had tons o' exciting times bringing strange boxes and flowerplants and all sorts over to Club Penguin. I find loads of things on my adventures...

One of my favourite thinks to drink is Cream Soda. It be the perfect milkshake for a pirate, it might even make you toot a little!
You can now add me on Club Penguin as well as getting my background! Here are some of the previous backgrounds:
I hope ye all enjoyed learning more about meself and that Echo006 gets back soon...


  1. I remember this ! It was cool, isn't it? We helped RH to find his ship underwater with the brand-new Aqua Grabber! We even got that cool pin! I could not beleive someone still remember it! And the awesome Pirate Party had the Treasure Hunt to the Treasure Pin! The sailor paper hat, the red-black striped shirt, the parrot,and even the boots! Good memories! Lets meet in CP someday! Comment on my blog what do you think, and if you want to meet me!

  2. Okay I believe someone is filling in for him, but I don't believe that it is Rockhopper.

  3. Im gonna borrow some of your funny pics, but i will give full credit.


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