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Club Penguin Music

Thanks to all the penguins who supported me along the way, I've now got over 555 posts! Let's celebrate by getting groovy! There's nothing much going on around Club Penguin lately, so I decided to find some Club Penguin music! Just click the links below to listen to them, these tunes all are or have been on Club Penguin! Here are a few of my favourites:

Dance Mix
Coffee Shop
Night Club
Old Agent Music
New Agent Music
Game Day
Alien Invasion

But there's still loads more funky tunes to listen to...

Coffee Shop
Secret Agent HQ
Pizza Parlor
Night Club
Boiler Room, Dance Lounge
Dojo, Ninja Hideout
Igloo Music Dance Mix
Jazz Igloo Music
April Fools Day Party
April Fools Day Party 2
April Fool’s Day: Box Dimension
Halloween Party
Halloween Party Inside
Halloween Party Lab
Halloween Jam
Medieval Party
Medieval Party 2
Medieval Party Lighthouse
Medieval Party-Underground
Medieval Party-Mine Shack
Medieval Party-Quest

Medieval Party-Final Quest Room

Creepy Halloween Igloo Music
Christmas Party
Christmas Piano Medley
Christmas Bells
Underground Christmas Party
Music Jam Party
Music Jam Party 2
Music Jam Party 3
Music Jam Party 4
Festival of Flight
Festival of Flight-Tallest Mountain
Festival of Flight Jam
Sub Marine Party
Sub Marine Party Dance Mix
Sub Marine Party-Boiler Room, Dance Lounge
Festival of Snow
Adventure Party
Adventure Party-Underground
Adventure Jam
St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day Jam

Pirate Party, Ocean Voyage
Cool Surf Igloo Music
Summer Party
Camping Party
Penguin Games
Water Party
Fall Fair
Fall Fair Game
Party Jam

Puffle Party
Puffle Party 2
Puffle Party Inside
Winter Fiesta-Inside
Winter Fiesta
Anniversary Party
Space Adventure
The Twelfth Fish
Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gammma Gal
Fairy Fables
Team Blue’s Rally Debut
Quest for the Golden Puffle
The Penguins that Time Forgot
Team Blue’s Rally 2
The Haunting of the Viking Opera
Ruby and the Ruby
Space Adventure: Planet Y
Penguin Play Awards
Hydro Hopper
Bean Counters
Puffle Round-Up
Ice Fishing
Sled Racing
Cart Surfer
Pizzatron 3000
Dance Contest: The Generic Way
Dance Contest: Epic Win
Dance Contest: Penguin Band Boogie
Dance Contest: Go West
Dance Contest: Patrick’s Jig
Jet Pack Adventure
Thin Ice
Catchin’ Waves
Aqua Grabber: Clam Waters
Aqua Grabber: Soda Seas

Thanks ClubPenguinCP!

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