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Rockhopper's Quest 2012 EXCLUSIVE

Shiver me timbers! Echo006 be swimming back to Club Penguin! He should be back soon, so in the meantime I be here to show you some sneak peeks o' me old migrator!
It looks fancy doesn't it? I've blurred the other part o' the ship so ye can figure out what it is!
It be something to do with Targets and Jackhammers and stuff. We be going on a mysterious island when the quest begins! To find some strange things on three different islands...

Heads up crew! This be Dinosaur Island! And the name be not for show It not be filled with marshmallows It be filled with dinosaurs Smartly now sailors We be needing a glowing gem Search the island Keep an eye out for unfriendly dinosaurs ARR! THERE BE A GEM! Double cream soda rations to whoever gets it! AVAST! THERE BE A DINOSAUR! Be there any crew that speaks dinosaur? Ask it what it wants We have no dinosaur treats or anything! Dinosaurs! Be ye wanting to trade the gem for… Ask it if it wants to trade the gem for…
  • gold
  • mineral water
  • a handshake
  • a song
  • a story
  • stinky cheese
  • me background
Ye be trading for rugs? I've got plenty! A kind word A sailors hat What be ye wanting to trade for the gem?
YO HO HO! Well done me hearties! That be great! RUN SAILORS! BACK TO THE SHIP! GRAB THE GEM! Did ye grab the gem? Did we escape? Be taking a good look at that dinosaur catalog It be filled with rare items Ye not be finding on Club Penguin...
Shipwreck Island:
AVAST! WE MADE IT! Well done crew! I've never docked here before……without crashing. Now lets build that beacon! Where be the best place? ARR! good thinking crew! Should we build here, mateys? ARR! or this be a better spot? Hup too! Carefully now crew. Well done! WE DID IT! Shipwreck island be safe now. No one be crashing here anymore, Lets pack up crew, We be settin sail with the sunrise. LETS PARTY! What be in that cave? Hmm… I smell treasure…

Halls of the Viking Lords:
AVAST! IT CANT BE! This be the hall of the viking lords! I've been searching for this hall for many years! Quick! Look for treasure ARR! that be a fine suit of armor! Let us feast! Bring out the...
  • cream soda
  • stinky cheese
  • chocolate coins
  • pizza
What ye be wantin to eat? More cream soda1 This be one of the greatest treasures I ever found! Ye be a fine crew! I be one proud Captain! YO HO HO! Have ye found any treasure? Would ye like a slice? Take a chocolate coin matey...
It be a good time blogging on this very fine day. Ye be wanting to explore these islands soon, matey! This be a mighty fine exclusive for ye all from Trainman1405! Echo006 be back soon...

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