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White Penguins EXCLUSIVE

As I said before, with the help of Trainman1405, Club Penguin would be releasing a new colour called Arctic White. Hoever, it is not available in the Gift Shop yet, but apparently there was a rumour that on the server Sleet, white penguins had appeared. I thought about this and went to check it out...

I've deleted the name, as it is super EXCLUSIVE but I saw this penguin at the Dock dancing. I looked at the playercard and it didn't have a membership. The colour looks quite cool.
 What you should do if you see a White Penguin on the island is...
1. Click on their playercard
2. Click on the M Badge button
3. Click yes and then click Rude or Mean
 4. Click Lying or Cheating
You have succesfully reported this penguin, the moderators should put a stop to this penguin for hacking to get this rare white colour.
I really love Arctic White and I can't wait to buy it when it is released. If you know how to get this rare colour, DO NOT do this as you will end up getting banned.

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