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Music Jam Season ~ Earth Day

Comparing music to Earth Day, I found very hard. Nothing seemed to match up and go with that beautiful scenery, until I came across a tune of igloo music. I didn't really know what it was called or when it was available but I can imagine it with that wonderful scenery. That is of course, my opinion. I've decided that if you want to win a Coin Code, you don't just have to comment often, you need to participate in events. You need to tell me your penguin age, a bit about your penguin and why you like or dislike Earth Day. Enjoy the tunes! I'll be asking more questions, and if you answer correct (which is very unlikely) you could win a coin code!
Tune of the Day 5: Earth Day Music

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  1. My penguin is Woddylan. My penguin is over 950 days old. I am a Club Penguin blogger. I have been playing CP for over 2 years. I love blogging and playing Club Penguin. I really like making igloos, too! I have many clothes on Club Penguin. Some of my friends are: Echo006, Icequix, York313, and Gammak. But those aren't all of my friends.


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