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Feeding Puffles BUG!

My friend, Penguiin23, was having problems with feeding his puffles. I decided to find out if this was true and how he could get more food. I used my test penguin, and tried to buy some apples, cheese, and cake but when I clicked the buy button and yes nothing happened and no coins were used. However, I could buy cookies and bubble gum!
...Then I tried to buy some puffle furniture, which gave me a new membership picture which you can print out and colour in!
 ...Then I changed the page over, and I could buy, carrots, puffle-os and pizza! So therefore that means that the apples, cheese and cake are members food items only!
 ...When I closed the catalog, I was given this message...
Thanks Penguiin23 for telling me about this, now you know how to feed your puffles when you are a non-member! Remember to stock up on apples, cheese and cake when you ARE a member!

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