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How To Get Lots of Awards!

Are you at the Awards Show, waiting for ages for your name to be called out? Wait no longer, with this simple trick! When the penguin who is currently on the stage gets to about 7 seconds left in their speech, go out of the stage and into the plaza. Then wait a few seconds, making sure you are the last penguin to get back in the Awards Show, but not too late for the next penguin to get the next award!
When you're in, you should be the next penguin to get the award, however this trick can go wrong quite often. Maybe someone else comes in last too or sometimes it just won't work depending on who is in the room. Also, when you enter the room, don't click anything, just stand there - that should help!
WARNING: Hehe, I have been doing this lots for every other award as you can't do it in a row, and penguins have been shouting at me lots saying "AGAIN?" One guy thought it was because I was wearing the Bling Bling Necklace that I got advantages!

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