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How to Win EVERY Award!

Thanks everybody for viewing my blog! It started out very small, and has grown so much that we have reached 70,000 pageviews. I couldn't of done it without you!
Are you struggling to get an award at the award show? Do you want to win every award? Then, here's how! It's actually very simple - previously, I posted on how to win lots of awards, but this will give you ALMOST every award! So, first, be the last inside the award show and you'll get the award. Remember to be last, when the count is reaching 1! Once you have received your award and the 15 seconds are up, you will be flashed by blue blinding light by the entrance to the stage...
...Then very quickly waddle out into the Plaza and quickly get back in again! The next award should be given to you, if you get there in time :) Then you can keep on repeating it and you will carry on getting the awards! Many penguins were very annoyed that they were never getting an award, but now you can do it simply by following the instructions above!

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