There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Awards Show

The Awards Show is now open and penguins can walk along the red carpet, and into the awards show...
 ...There are lots and lots of different awards to be given out, every twenty seconds. That's three penguins in a minute, roughly! Here I am getting the best leading performer award! Here's a few tips: Don't bring your puffles along, otherwise they'll get sent back home when you receive your award! Don't wear any hand items at the start of the show - when you get your award, any hand items will be put in your inventory and replaced with either the bronze, silver or gold award depending on what day it is!
 When you first enter the awards show, get all the free gifts quickly!
 Just in case, if you're not sure, just take a look at the simple guide below!
It's really simple - nobody can walk on the stage itself. To get on there, you will have to be randomly picked. The less penguins there are in the room, the more chance you have of getting an award. Remember, you only have 15 seconds to make your speech, and when you're on the stage, you can't leave it! If you're scared of the spotlight, this is not the place to be :)

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