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Some Safety Tips!

 To the penguins out there, who ruin the fun and try to make you sad or upset. DON'T listen to them, and follow these rules :)
The internet is a deadly place. There are lots of mean penguins out there who will try and do anything to hurt you - so it's important that you stay safe! Here's a few rules that I made up:
1. Don't go on any social networking sites unless you're over 13.
2. Don't argue with other penguins or call them bad names and say that you hate them, or anything negative.
3. Try to be friendly! Don't let other penguins cyber-bully you by calling you nasty things - tell somebody, immediatly!
4. If all else goes wrong, ignore them. There's a button on Club Penguin that you can click so you can ignore them, however on the internet elsewhere, there isn't, so be very careful!
5. Trust nobody. That sounds very negative, but unless you truly know them - don't let them have your password or anything personal. A real friend could simply turn against you very quickly and say bad things about you and then try to ban you on Club Penguin!
6. Keep calm and don't post bad things with lots of capital letters.
Cyber-bullying happens very often, but don't let it happen to you! There are TONS of mean penguins out there that can call you anything they wish, but don't let them. If they are stronger than you, don't say anything back and ignore them and leave immediately. The internet is more powerful than you think so be warned of the penguins who are out there.

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