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My Interviews ~ Rookie at the Underwater Party 2012

Echo: What are you working on?
Rookie: I've gotta start doing some arrangements, or it won't be done in time! Me and my buddies are trying to sink the island.
Echo: How will you manage that?
Rookie: Well, anvils are REALLY heavy things, right?
Echo: Yeah, but where are they?
Rookie: They're in those boxes! I think if we add anvils and boxes on the Beach, we can put weight onto the beach so the island will tip!
Echo: That's very clever! Who helped you?
Rookie: I'm getting heaps of them from the Recycling Plant! Thanks to some EPF Agent, it got fixed and I can use it!
Echo: That's interesting! Will there be any free items at this party?
Rookie: I think we should have a free item at the Beach where we could wear anvils on our heads to help the island sink! Would that be cool or what?
Echo: Um, what? That's crazy! Do you think you could find another puffle in the underwater?
Rookie: Yes, maybe!
Echo: Are you sure that your plan will work?
Rookie: I hope so! If not, then there would be no point in all this hard work!
Echo: Got any news about a certain Polar bear?
Rookie: Oh, Herbert. Yeah! He's still in hibernation - wait, that's top secret!
Echo: Sorry! How will you get the island to untip?
Rookie: Well, that's the part I'm stuck on. But I'm sure everything will be fine.
Echo: Any ideas for what's to come this year?
Rookie: I'm planning something BIG for April Fools Day. I'm going to open even more dimensions than last year! I'm going to discover where orange puffles came from, but that's top secret too! I might even organise the fair this year. I'm so excited!
Echo: Thanks for the info, Rookie.
Rookie: No problem! Well I gotta go. I should eat another sandwich, they help a lot, so I can get more great ideas!
Thanks Perapin for helping :)


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