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Post 1055 ~ The Mystery Is Solved

To Disney175: We have found out why your name is really Aunt Arctic, and how to fix it...
Case Closed. We have found the mystery of the missing Aunt Arctic. Reports say that this penguin FRAMED the other three penguins to make it look like he was innocent. The real culprit is classified information. But, i'll let you into a secret. Aunt Arctic was taken yestarday, and found in her office and had remembered nothing. EPF Agents have reported that there's a "polar bear" on the loose. Be careful of him! Don't let him fool you ~ penguins have been given an apoligie and it turns out, that 102 penguins had Aunt Arctic's name, but where were their real names? That is very obvious, but the culprit has not been found however the names have been changed back. Reporter Echo is out :) Sorry for any misunderstanding but this polar bear is quite sneaky. Apparently, he did that so he could get ready to plan for something big without those "pesky penguins" and those "puffles" following him. However, research shows that it might not be a Polar Bear. Echo006 is trying to find out WHY this happened. Eventually, he discovered that if he clicked "Aunt Arctic" on his playercard, it wouldn't load. Then, when he clicked on another penguin on his buddy list, their name would come up as "Aunt Arctic!" Thanks Club BUG! I thought that something had gone wrong, oh well. I guess the case is closed. However, now there are only 101 penguins that have Aunt Arctic's name, because one penguin is missing from my friends list! There is the answer = The friends list does not work :) Does that mean that my friends will turn into Cadence and the Penguin Band?

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