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Post 1056 ~ Goodbye

I'm leaving the Club Penguin island, forever. I'm exploring the wilds someplace somewhere. I won't be posting for a long long time and I won't be back for a long time. I've got all my puffles, everything I need, but no friends. I'll be ok. Everybody can have a lovely time relaxing at the beach, having fun, enjoying the heatwave, while I'm stuck here. It's fine, I don't need any help but I'm just so tired and cold. I'll make a fire. Don't worry about me. You can't get me ~ I don't know where I am.
 ...This is goodbye. I can't stay here any longer. But I can see much better in the daytime. There's a beach here, it isn't very warm. I can feel a tiny bit of heat ~ but it isn't summer for me. I'm going to walk on, I won't survive here. Nothing to do, no company, just 20 puffles who I have to find food for.
 I'm really sorry for not saying goodbye. But I was forced to leave the island, I didn't want to face the penguin I know. Aunt Arctic wrote something in the newspaper, about arguments and friendship. She said it's best to leave the penguin alone, then talk to them when they're ready. So I'll just stay here, until whoever that penguin is, tells me that they're ready to talk.
 I've climbed up a mountain, still thinking of that day. I was a reporter ~ a great one! But not everybody loved my stories. Why should they? I've built an open top igloo, but it isn't that good. Not much food around here, and two graves. I won't die here, I'll find my way back. I hope I find somebody out there, one certain penguin, a great penguin, a penguin who cares. But I just haven't found them yet.
I'm walking along, very cold, I am a penguin so it can't harm me. But then I trip on a small little rock and fall down the mountains far far away. The puffles are gone and I have no food and nothing to do. So I'm writing this message to ask for you to help me. The signal isn't good here ~ but I've still managed to write this. I'm putting this message in a bottle for you, and if you don't find it then I'm doomed for life. But there's a tiny bit of hope. I hear noises every night, don't know where they come from, don't know where they go. But they're loud and clear and they never run short so I never ever give it a second thought. I've been captured! It's him...
"I've captured your agent now. You'll never get him back! Mwha Mwha Mwha Mwha ha ha"

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