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Post 1053 ~ Pineapple Igloo ~ Seriously?

Has Club Penguin gone mad? Now we're going to have a bunch of Spongebob Penguins living in Pineapple igloos! A pineapple on Club Penguin? Seriously, it's bigger than the Ski Lodge! Please, don't buy innocent smoothies! Credit to Trainman1405 for these fabulous pictures of the unlockables if you buy an Innocent Smoothie. Stop drinking them penguins, they're innocent!
Banana Bunch Lamp:

Banana Couch:
Fruit Vine:

Pineapple Table:

Refreshing Curtain:

Smoothie Stand:

Sour Apple Chair:

Strawberry Seat:

Tropical Hammock:

Watermelon Sofa:

Pineapple Igloo:
Club Penguin, don't partner up with Nickelodeon, otherwise we'll have Patrick, Spongebob, Squidward, Mr Crabs, Sandy and all those other characters waddling around the island ~ like at the Marvel Party!

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  1. Please buy me an Innocent smoothie:) I want a Smoothie Stand and the Pineapple couch:(


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