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Post 1046 ~ Fun With Friends By Woddylan

Today, I met my staff members! Woddylan and Penguiin23 arrivived at the scene. This post was made by Woddylan...
 Here we added each other but sadly it didn't work. :(
 We were talking about watching the Olympics. I stayed up late last night to watch them!
 We went to my igloo. It was an airplane igloo but it wasn't finished.

 We went to the Gift Shop and Got new hairstyles. At one point I had an afro! LOL Echo dyed his hair white.
 He looks so old!
 Here we are, sled racing!
 He was using a surf board to sled. It was a good idea!
 Then a magical magician made my pal Penguiin23 appear! Here we are, showing each other outfits.
 Still showing outfits. . .
 We all had a Blue Pie Dance party!
 Then we turned black, "Black Pie Dance Party!" LOL
 Here we are, having Fun With Friends. :)
 Echo006 said he would be right back. While me and Penguiin23 waited. I pretended to be a non-member.
 Back with echo, In the Casa Fiesta (Party House in English)!
 Getting ready to tip the iceberg. . . if that is possible with only three people. LOL
 Sorry the pictures aren't in order, but here is me and Echo meeting!
 Talking about things. . .
 Smile for the camera! :)
 In my iggy, having fun.
 Echo's player card.
 Here we are dying our hair...
Here are some pictures...


  1. Looks like you had LOTS of fun :)


  2. Hey Echo006:) I made that Wordpress blog a while ago but didnt use it cuz it sucked LOL Anyways I send u an invite for something like that:) Anyways your friends are the people who you are friends with online and have a twitter too:) Perapin, Saraapril and Trainman and lots of more people are there:D

  3. BYE ECHO (@$(#*$9&$(&%*(&#*($#


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