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Post 1049 ~ Field-Op #93

Field-Ops are awesome. Do them, get medals, get stamps, get money, get items, have fun. But missions are better, especially with Herbert. How about system defender? I haven't played that in a while... Maybe I should just find the Field-Op. I'm still looking. Oh well. No, wait, Gary hasn't even given me one. Ok, I'll just wait. Hey, does the Ultimate Jam Party ever end? When will the Penguin Style come out? Why won't the newspaper load? So many bugs! Now I'm stuck. I'll just have to logout. And I never completed the field-op. But I got my free 350 coins ;) Eh, I'll just watch some TV. Won't be long before Club Penguin explodes with bugs. Anyway, what was that job I had at the Pizza Parlor? Did I apply for it? Better hurry...

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