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Green Puffle - Fact File

It is time for a new Fact File! This month it is focused at the Green Puffle!
Green Puffle Fact File
Is the puffle available? 
What is its attitude?
Energetic, playful.
Is it a member only?
What are its favourite toys?
Propeller Hat and 3 red balls.

Super: Flies around with propeller cap.
Normal: Juggles on a unicycle, balances the balls on its tongue then pokes its tongue at you.
Weak: Rides around on its unicycle.
What happens when you dance with the puffle?
Hovers with propeller cap.
What is its tongue colour?
What is its speed?
What are its special features?
Likes to clown around.
What is its favourite game?
Jet Pack Adventure

Thanks Club Penguin Wiki for that information. Green Puffles are quite rude as you can see the puffle likes to burp alot!
I hoped this helped you know more about Green Puffles. You can adopt one today at the Pet Shop!


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