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Club Penguin Old Newspaper Archive BUG!

Another Club Penguin BUG! Lets take a look at some of the old archive newspapers.

Hey wait, thats thats this weeks issue! It isn't old news (or is it)?
In fact, this issue is too old to even be in the archive! This issue is from last year! (according to the date it is) Take a look...
Thanks Saraapril for telling me about the old newspaper and the date bug! How many more bugs can Club Penguin possibly produce? Looks like the Underwater Party will be bug infested...


  1. Miki5258 copied the date bug from ME!

  2. Great news penguins.. I guess! *Pingu grins with a freaky smile* I have a new blog and you will see how I was in 2007 no cover ups and stuff although I don't know what a cover up is lol! So I guess just go to where it is already updated with stuff you wanna know... I think! What are you waiting for, go there nowww!

  3. Echo006, how do you disable right click? Give me the code because I am NOT searching again!

  4. Hey can I get on your blogroll?


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