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The Penguins and Puffles That Knew Far Better Than That

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Disaster! Locked away in a giant hole underground in the year 2013, the penguins discovered some bones. They were penguin bones belonging to Echo and Eagle. WHAT WAS HAPPENING? Why were they trapped down here underground? Gary sat nervously in the corner. There was nothing wrong with him. But the penguins and puffles knew far better than that...
Gary burst out with everything he had done involving the Time Trekker. Who could of known that time travelling was so dangerous? "I mean, I was only getting Echo and Eagle to test it..." announced Gary, feeling very upset inside. All the penguins and puffles were mad. Gary - a wonderful scientist - has changed their lives forever. But the penguins and puffles knew far better than that! They hurried along, and began to dig east. A clever penguin had watched where they had been put inside the island. He knew that they could get to his underground base from here. This penguin was Aunt Arctic. Nobody knew why she had an underground base, but that didn't matter. Well, a few penguins knew.
...After hours of digging, they found themselves in a strange yet wonderful wacky place. Aunt Arctic told everyone to wait where they were. The elevator was only designed for around 50 penguins, not ALL of them apart from 2, plus puffles that hadn't been pufflenapped. When Aunt Arctic reached the surface, she was shocked. What she saw was amazing. The island had been built into some sort of machine. But how? And why? Where were all the answers? But that didn't matter. There were thousands of penguins down underneath the island, lives at risk. She had to save them. She'd saved them before, now she'd save them again. Sensei and Gary followed up in the elevator, and were shocked too! More penguins and puffles crowded onto the island and gazed in amazement. Sensei smiled...
...He knew what had happened. He had all the answers. He watched the mysterious ninja climb into the top of the machine. They were too late. The mysterious ninja had to get rid of Echo and Eagle, therefore he added fake lava which contained a gas to knock out the penguins. Then he dug them underground. Then, in 2013, he put all the other leftover penguins and puffles into the underground. But this underground wasn't just any underground. It was the control centre to the machine above. The whole island had been turned into a machine. This is why the ninja had built a series of tunnels - and in one of the rooms was where he stored all the penguins and puffles. The ninja knew they would dig it out, however he hadn't known they would find Aunt Arctic's secret hidden base. He hadn't known about that! PH, the Puffle Handler, entered the scene with about a thousand puffles...

...Then the most destructive ending happened. The puffles leaped onto the giant machine, shaped like a mysterious ninja, and it all came tumbling down over the island. Sparks jumped everywhere. Pieces of metal went flying! It was terrible - what had the Club Penguin island become? A strange jolt of energy appeared and suddenly Echo and Eagle awoke. Echo immediatly rushed up to where all the commotion was happening. He stopped and gazed at the ninja falling to his death. He grabbed the ninja, and pulled off his mask. You'd never of guessed who it was! The mysterious ninja was Eagle! "" Echo gasped. Eagle replied with a snarl. "I was the ninja all along, my plan was to destroy this island and turn into into a giant robot and rule the seas. But no, I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for those stupid puffles!" Eagle was taken away into the prison that would soon be built on this island, along with many other new buildings. The whole island would have to start again. But atleast there would be no more ninjas. Eagle had tricked Echo all along. It was simple. Eagle had chosen to pufflenap all the puffles because he needed to get them out of the way - but no. PH had also helped to save the day! Aunt Arctic had failed. Eagle turned away, and Echo gasped once again as he looked at the marks on Eagle's back. They belonged to Echo's father who had mysteriously disappeared a few years ago...


  1. Nice job! Later, you should make a story on what happened right before Echo's father disappeared! :D

  2. Great idea I will do that soon :)


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