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Step 1 Finding Items ~ My Stories and Adventures

There's more to life than computers. Look out the window, there's a whole world out there!
Today I set off to Shipwreck Island to build something brand new on the island! I needed tons of resources, so I waddled to the Aqua Grabber and started collecting items. I found some Cream Soda near the bottom of the sea, it might come in useful!
...I also caught a fish, and then a mullet! They could be very useful ~ What happens when I get hungry? With the mullet out of my way, it was easier for me to find some treasure! I stole it from the crab before he grabbed it all :)
Then I came across a GIANT Puffer Fish! It swallowed a lot of water in, and almost took me too! I quickly rushed out of the way and once I was out, I could hear loud burps! How rude...
...Then I finally came across the treasure I needed ~ the amethyst! But first, I had to get past the puffer fish...
...I was running low on oxygen, and there was nowhere for me to get it. I had to face the puffer fish, and instead of letting me leave, he swallowed me whole! Here I am, stuck in a body. I'll just have to wait until I come out one way or the other :)

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