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967th Post ~ July 2012 Pay Day :)

Don't be a villain, be a hero! What's the point in destroying the world ~ then you'd have nothing to do! Nothing left of the world, so if you protect the world then we can all live happily ever after!
Today, I came rushing downstairs out of my treehouse and opened up my mailbox. I couldn't reach it, so I had to climb up a ladder :) There were two postcards inside! I opened them as quick as possible to find...
...two paychecks! I have done my duty in the EPF, helping the agents to stop the destructobot and helping citizens so I earned 350 coins :)
...I also earned 250 coins for helping new penguins learn their way around! What are you planning to do with your paychecks? I'm saving mine, to help build my brand new project.

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  1. Hi Echo! I like your idea of how you add the number of the post in your post titles, it makes your blog seem more like a journal. :) May I use this idea for my blog too? :)

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)


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