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984th Post ~ A brand New Look...

I've decided that I should have a brand new look. I don't have any new items and I didn't really want to buy any from the Penguin Style Catalog so instead, I unlocked a ton of items from the treasure book :) But this new look isn't just for me, I've got my puffles a treat too!
 ...First of all, I got my black puffle the Big Bang wig. Hopefully it should cheer him up :)
 Then I found 3000 coins and a dubstep puffle t-shirt and a rockin hat!
 I got another hat for my red puffle, some aqua blue sneakers and a awesome new outfit.
 ...I also got a saxaphone and a rainbow puffle t-shirt! How awesome is that?
 I can't forget the tiki hat and the major tunage outfit from one of the Official Club Penguin Magazines.
 ...And how could I forget the tiki armour and the sumo outfit!
 ...And a wonderful mummy costume with the tiki body outfit and a stone ninja outfit.
Have you unlocked a new style lately? I'm looking forward to wearing my new dubstep t-shirt (if I can login to Club Penguin)


  1. How I wish I could have as much coin codes as you...

  2. Coin Codes are awesome :) Buy the Club Penguin Magazine every month for a free item!

  3. Looks cool!wish i lived in the usa :( anyways on cp my name is stacy2463 Waddle On ~Echo006 and ps good luck out there!

  4. Hi can you please make a magazine code giveaway :( It's not in my country.

  5. Hi can you please make a giveaway of a magazine code :(
    I can't buy it because is only in UK


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