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Stamps Guide

Stamps Guide

Are you confused or puzzled? Here is a guide on stamps to help you!

Where's my Stamp Book?
Before you start earning stamps, you'll need to find your Stamp Book. Click the stamps icon on your player card to find it.

Collecting stamps is a great way to show your buddies what you've done in Club Penguin.

Every time you earn a stamp, it goes into your Stamp Book. This helps you keep track of all the stamps you've collected.

Your Stamp Book will look empty at first, but it will fill up fast as you earn more!

How do I earn stamps?

You can earn stamps in all kinds of different ways - in games, working together with your buddies, or trying different tasks.

There are four different challenge levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. Even the most experienced penguins will test their skills!

Each time you get a stamp, a message will pop up telling you what you've earned.

When you finish a mini-game, you'll find out how many stamps you've earned - and how many you still need to get.

How do I show off my stampbook?

Earning stamps is only half the fun – the other half is showing them off to your buddies!

If you're a member, you can customize the Stamp Book's cover to fit your style. Select the pencil at the bottom-right hand corner of the cover.

You can cover the front of your Stamp Book with your favorite stamps and pins. And you can even change your Stamp Book's pattern and color.

To see a buddy's collection, check out their player card. Click on the stamps icon to see their Stamp Book and what stamps they've earned.

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