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Puffle Hats Guide

Puffle Hats Guide
Where do I get hats for my puffles?
You can buy hats in Club Penguin from the Puffle Catalog. Find this in the Pet Shop, or by clicking on one of your puffles in your igloo.
You can also purchase toy puffles with hats in stores. Go to Toys for more information.

I saw a puffle wearing a hat that isn't in the catalog. Where did it come from?
Some puffle hats can only be unlocked by purchasing a toy puffle with a hat from a store.

I'm not a member, can I get puffle hats for my puffle?
Free players can buy toy puffles with hats from stores and unlock those hats online.

Can my puffle wear any hat?
Yes! Puffles can wear any of the hats. Some puffles prefer certain hats more than others.

Can I buy more than one of each hat?
Absolutely! You can purchase up to 20 of each hat!

How do I put a hat on my puffle?
Click on your puffle in your igloo. All the puffle hats you own can be found under the hanger icon. Click on the hat you'd like to style your puffle with, and drag it to your puffle.

Can my puffles wear hats when they are not in my igloo?
Yes! Your puffle can wear their hats when you take them for a walk

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