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November 2011 Better Igloos Catalog

The November-December furniture catalog has arrived! Lets check out what items there are.
Here are some of the new items:

  • Ninja Gate 700 Coins
  • Paper Screen 475 Coins
  • Bonsai Tree 350 Coins
  • Ninja Cauldron 150 Coins (Hidden Item) Hint: Penguin
  • Training Dummy 500 Coins (Hidden Item) Hint: Ninja
  • Green Lantern
  • Blue Lantern
  • Red Lantern
  • Yellow Lantern
  • Purple Lantern ALL 30 Coins
  • Bamboo Stalks 350 Coins
  • Noodle Stand 300 Coins
  • Modern Chair 700 Coins (Hidden Item) Hint: Lanterns
  • Modern Couch 850 Coins (Hidden Item) Hint: Yellow
And some old items return...

  • Window 600 Coins
  • Coffee Table 300 Coins
  • Scoop Chair 650 Coins
  • Burgundy Couch
  • Burgundy Bookshelf 450 Coins
  • Burgundy Chair 300 Coins
  • Wall Clock 450 Coins (Hidden Item) Hint: Window
  • Green Birdhouse 200 Coins (Hidden Item) Hint: Chair
  • Blue Birdhouse 170 Coins (Hidden Item) Hint: Burgundy
There is also some NEW Create Your Own Furniture! Unfortunately, this came with a bug! UPDATE: This bug is now fixed!

Thats it for this months catalog! Check back next month for the last catalog of 2011!

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