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Puffles Guide

Puffle Guide

What are the yellow bars next to the icons?

The yellow stat bars tell you what your puffle needs. For example, if they need to be fed the yellow bar next to the food boul will be low. When all four bars are full, that means your puffle is really happy!

How do I buy food, toys and furniture for my puffle?

You can buy food by clicking on one of your puffles and then selecting the Puffle Catalog in the right hand corner.

Why won't my puffle play with all of the toys?

Puffles are very particular about what toys they like to play with. Your puffle will only play with its two favorite toys.

How do I know which toys are my puffle's favorite?

When you click on your puffle and select the ball icon your puffle's two favorite toys will be at the front of the list. Your puffle's favorite toys match its personality.

How do I walk my puffle?

To walk your puffle, click on your puffle while in your igloo. Then click the ball icon and drag the lead icon to your puffle.


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