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Pizzatron 30000 ~ Guide and Walkthrough

The Pizzatron 30000 was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy to speed up the making of pizzas! The machine is still functional and has 10 stamps to earn! Head over to the Pizza Parlor in the Plaza, and go through the curtains to get started!
You will be faced with this screen. If you're unsure on how to play, don't worry - you can click on the instructions button to find out more!

First up, you'll be faced with a pizza moving along the conveyor belt. It will start slowly. You'll need a quick eye, and you'll have to look at the screen which tells you what toppings and sauce the pizza needs. Let's start with the simple one - your first pizza.
 Click on the correct sauce bottle, hold down and drag it over the pizza, until the pizza base if full of hot sauce. Then, click on the cheese and drag it onto the moving pizza! Your first pizza is ready!
Now, you may be asked to use hot sauce instead of normal sauce - exactly the same, different sauce!
 You'll get a few easy ones like that, but then they get harder. Do the usual first, then click on the toppings and drag however many you need onto the pizza. TIP: If you want to succeed, when the pizza moves to the end of the cheese, you should've put the sauce on and the cheese. Once it arrives next to the toppings, you should be putting them on. If not, then you're too slow and need to pick up the pace quickly!
 ...There's all sorts of different varieties of pizza to make!
 Squid and Fish pizza....
 Now, you've mastered the normal mode. But have you tried CANDY MODE? When you first start the game, click the lever at the lest hand side, then click play. You'll arrive in candy mode!
Candy mode is just the same as normal mode, but with different sauces, sparkles, and different toppings! But have you ever had a dessert pizza?
And now for the stamps! If you get them all, you'll be rewarded with double coins every time you finish! 

Here are the tips and tricks for the stamps...
Food Fiasco – Make a mess of the kitchen with 3 wrong pizzas
To do this, throw all the ingredients up in the air and drop them 3 times.
Just Dessert – Play Pizzatron in Candy Mode!
To do this, when starting the game, click the lever then click play
To do the following, just do exactly what it says! The stamps couldn't be more easier to understand!
Spice Sea – Make 3 hot sauce and shrimp pizzas
Cocoa Beans – Make 3 jellybean and chocolate pizzas
Fiery Squids – Make 3 hot sauce and squid pizzas
Candy Land – Make 3 Pink Sauce and marshmallow pizzas
Chef’s Hat – 20 Pizzas no mistakes, Pizza chef – 30 no mistakes, Pizza master and dessert chef – 40 pizzas no mistakes, normal and candy mode

Was there anything I missed in the guide? Did you find it helpful? Good luck making pizzas! More guides are on their way soon. Stay tuned ;)


  1. You only have 5 stamps from that game?

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