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90,000 Pageviews

When I first created this blog, I didn't expect it to go so far. Since October 2011, we've reached a total of 90,000 pageviews currently. Only 10,000 more to go until my target! I'm unsure what to do then. Of course, I could do a giveaway, but I've done that before. I haven't ever had a party, but I've been forbidden to do so because possibly nobody would come, and my time zone is most likely different to yours. But it's still a long way off. Thank you all for viewing my blog. If it wasn't for you, for my followers, for Penguiin23 (the graphic designer), then this blog wouldn't be what it is now :) Thanks for helping me get to this point. Let's set the target to June! Hopefully by then, we'll have 100,000 pageviews - thanks for reading :)

New Stuff Coming Soon...

  • Minigame guides and how to get stamps in them
  • Brand new stories!
  • New themes each month (by Penguiin23)
  • New post styles - ninja themed!


  1. USA time zone, AUS time zone and UK time zones meet at 1:00 AM PST and you go to sleep around 1:00 PM PST. So that should be a good party time! :D

  2. Great achievement! :) A party would be a really good idea! :D

  3. Congrats Echo! :)

    And in the last sentence "Hopefully by then, we'll have 10,000 pageviews - thanks for reading :)" I think you mean 100,000 with an extra zero. ;)

    And yes I am the real Trainman, even ask if you don't believe me. :P

  4. Keep it up Echo006! You're on a high gear! :D

    ~Perapin :)

  5. Wow. I remember I first viewed this blog when it had 156 views!


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