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A Few Blog Posts...

Here's some POTDs from Daffodaily!

This penguin is a STAR! Mumbles246 took the time to show a new penguin around the island and even taught them how to play Card-Jitsu! A little kindness goes a long way :)

Thanks for your amazing nominations! Keep them coming via! Don't forget that every POTD gets 5000 coins!
-Club Penguin Team

One of the team received an epic story from a devoted ninja, who was clearly super excited about Card-Jitsu Snow! Plus his igloo is like a mini Snow Dojo (Snojo?)! cheeky  Thanks for sending your story, Jack 55588, great job!

Don't forget, there are plenty of reasons someone might be nominated for POTD, such as having an amazing igloo or a super creative costume... If you think your buddy deserves to be featured on the blog, contact us and tell us why!
-Club Penguin Team

Here's a reviewed by you by Polo Field!
Last week we asked, what's your favourite part about being a ninja?

I really liked Kkcandy3317's answer:
One of my fav part about card Jitsu is helping other penguins how to play if they just started the game. When my friend greengirl32 started, she told me she was having a hard time with the fire element so I helped her by playing card Jitsu fire with her. And then she was doing super duper well!! After I felt really well!!! Now I think helping other penguins are what true ninjas do!!
I agree KKcandy3317, sharing your knowledge to help others is a great part of being a ninja!
This week we've got a question for those of you who have had a chance to hone your elite skills in Spy Drills! What would your ultimate spy gadget be? Leave your answer in the comments!

Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
Wow! There's so many blog posts now - I love that the team are way more interactive with us than they used to be :D

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  1. Echo, I know you left, but please come back to the Penguin Pages! We need you there. Plus, after fighting over admins, we don't have anything to fight over!!!


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