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Frankenpenguin or Mad Scientist Coin Code?

Thanks everyone for viewing this blog! We now have 60,000 pageviews :) To celebrate, there will be a giveaway of a coin code. But what items would you like with it? You can choose from a Frankenpenguin outfit or a mad scientist outfit! Vote on the right hand side of the blog, on the poll :) Once you have voted, comment on this post with your name, your blogger account if you have one and if not your email address. If you win the giveaway, then the code will be posted on your blog in a comment. (Just make sure that you have comment moderation enabled so nobody else can see it apart from you!) Keep reading to find out more! Below is an image of the Mad Scientist plush...

...This outfit was available many times in the Penguin Style Catalog. It was also featured in the Stage play "Night of the Living Sled!"

...The other coin code is a frakenpenguin plush. Check it out:
Both codes each come with items to unlock from the treasure book too! You will also get the clothes of the item. Remember to vote on the poll on which you want to be given away. To enter the giveaway, you must comment on the post with your name and your blogger account (if you have one) The giveaway will take place during the Prehistoric Party :) Thanks for viewing the blog! Now click on the comments page below and tell me your blogger account and penguin name so you'll be entered into the contest! The code will be given out when the Prehistoric Party starts. So far, on the poll, it looks like the mad scientist is winning! Remember to vote :) Below is the current penguins who have entered the contest and have a chance of winning. Currently there are 10 penguins entered. Currently you have a 10% chance of winning. Comment with your name and blogger account or email address before the Prehistoric Party starts on the 17th to have a chance.
  • Woddylan
  • Cliky Minty
  • Zowey30000
  • Zobro
  • Pingywin8
  • Perapin
  • Luigileo
  • Terryon
  • Elbra
  • Bubsey Good


  1. Comment on this post?

  2. This post?

  3. Cliky Minty would like to enter :) Is that okay?

    1. how do you enter do you know?

  4. I would like to enter please :)

  5. Entered. :) Thanks for having this giveaway! :) You're a kind friend!

    ~Perapin :)

  6. Bubsey Good would like ta. Blogger account: This one!

  7. I would like to enter the contest, please.


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