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Work done:)

Hey guys! Guess what? This blog is finally done (Woo Hoo)! After just TWO days I managed to create an stunning revamped theme! More fun and less professional than the other ones..really I see professional themes on CP blogs not fun and taking away the creativiness and fun! If you were a loyal reader to this blog you would have noticed yesterday that I accidentally took the WHOLE blog down just for something, im very sorry and that will not ever happen least I have a new theme;) Anyway forget about the navbar and some of the things I said, this blog is looking better than ever and it's even similar to my blog:p How are ya'll liking this theme? Is it better than the old one? What could it improve on? Is it too great? Leave your comments below:D And before I leave if you have a Twitter then you should TOTALLY follow @GrandeYoda , he's an AMAZING  designer that helped make the header..he created that stunning logo! As always warm wishes and cold wishes:]

P.S: This theme is also to celebrate new years coming in a month or so, a great year coming with a great theme! That rhymed, didn't it?


  1. I can't click the pages anymore!

    1. Whoops! My bad...I did a little mistake and erased something...wait please:p

    I really wish I could do something like that on MY blog!
    You even have your own little banners D:


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