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The Blackout ~ What Happened

The Blackout will be an important part of Club Penguin's history. As I was away, I haven't got many pictures of it or made any posts about it. Let's start with the basics...
The blackout has been planned for ages ~ yet I feel that there could of been a lot more to it however the art concepts must of taken ages to draw :) At first, everything was normal. Our first order (which came from the Director) was to access terminal 1. This is the message that he/she provided us with...

Day 1: We equip a Herbert or Kluzty disguise to pass the security cameras. Next, we crawl through the ventilation system and shut down terminal 1. The temperature is slowly dropping.
...On the 16th of November the Director gave us a new message. She or he told us that we had to shut down 4 more security terminals. We were only just getting started!
Day 2: We equip a grappling hook. We enter terminal 1. Next, we hook the lever on the door to terminal 2 and shut down the second terminal.
On the 18th of November Herbert captured Dot with the help of his crabs. We had to be careful and try to avoid them. Temperatures were getting colder ~ nothing could stand in our way.
Day 3: We equip a plasma laser. We enter security ternimal 2 and cut through the door and enter terminal 3. We shut down the next terminal and wait for more orders...
On the 20th of November, Rookie was captured. The temperatures were lower than ever before. There was hardly any time left ~ we were halfway there.
Day 4: We equip a deflection vest and head to Terminal 3. We slip past the laser defenses and enter terminal 4. Almost done!
On the 22nd of November, crabs ambush Jet Pack Guy. How will we make it? We kept on going...
Day 5: We equip the smoke goggles and walk through the smoke into Terminal 5. We steal some cream soda for Rockhopper and then shut down Terminal 5.

On the 24th of November, the Director was captured, but still hidden beneath her shadows. There was so much snow on the island that we were going to freeze to death. This was our last chance...
Day 6: We equip the anti-lava boots and walk over the lava and enter Herbert's Central Command Room. We shut down the solar laser and release our fellow agents. Sunlight shines, and the director reveals her identity.
The director is Aunt Arctic. Keep her secret well ~ the EPF shall soon rise. Though the road is long, we will survive. Sunlight poured through into Club Penguin and the snow gradually started to disappear. Then what happens? The new rooms came out and we all lived happily ever after :) But did we capture Herbert?

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