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Club Penguin Coins For Change 2012

Woah! It's the last day of November already :) That means ~ tommorow is December! Wow, 2012 has gone so fast, hasn't it? My first full year of blogging is almost over. Coins For Change is an annual party where penguins give their coins to worthy causes that need help such as: providing medical help, protecting the earth and building safe places. Penguins donate so many coins that you can't literally turn coins into real money. We earn coins by playing mini-games ~ that's not what happens in real life. So, Club Penguin splits up a million dollars by the things we have chosen that need more help or less help. I think we should split it equally, but then there would be no fun in donating your coins. Here's a sneak peek of the party from Polo:

...Looks like there is going to be some new emotes, maybe including cookies?

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